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The Boomerang Gang

What's The Boomerang Gang?

With your first purchase you池e automatically enrolled in the Boomerang Gang.

Then every time you make a purchase you値l earn Boomerang points and increase your level in the Boomerang Gang. You値l also earn points when a friend who you refer purchases Boomerang products. We値l keep track of those points for you in your own account.

Points can earn you new levels and special rewards such as invitations to exclusive events, prizes, gifts and discounts. You can check your status online at any time.

Your level in the Boomerang Gang is reflected on every new Boomerang product you purchase. We値l also email you to let you know when new products and new charities to support become available and when Boomerang Gang member events are happening.

So choose your cause and your product, make your purchase and we値l take care of the rest!

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