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Recent Boomerang News: Is Going to Hollywood!

When the world’s most talented actors gather at the Academy Awards® next month for recognition as best in their craft, many of these same celebrities will receive prized gift baskets with products carefully chosen from thousands of entries. Hollywood Baskets announced the selection of’s line of charity-related apparel, with its unique grassroots charitable giving system, for inclusion in the “Celebrity Swag Bags” given to the top presenters for the 2010 Academy Awards. Read More

Beta Testing Begins! begins beta testing of its unique system. Using an innovative approach and the latest technology to serve as a conduit to assist charitable causes and those they help, reward contributors and accomplish it all in an environment that protects against fraud and counterfeiting. Launch the Boomerang and watch the magic grow.

Design Contest Update :

The results of our International design contest are in...'s T-Shirt design contest was flooded with so many heart warming creations that decisions were hard to make... artists from all over the world submitted designs and their mutual interests in this project were obvious to the entire staff here at" said David Nichols, President.

"There is so much talent out there and we are trying to reward that talent by plugging them into an idea that generates positive influence all the way around. Our thanks go out to the folks that took these causes to heart and created some incredibly cool graphics. You can see the top 2 design winners featured on our products. These graphics were chosen for our launch because they conveyed feelings that really made sense to us for each cause."

"Family Shoes conveys many different messages but the essential ingredients are there, our armed forces together with their families. In EarthStorm, we felt, that hint of danger to our precious planet. And the ironic synchronicity of receiving a design that used Bar-Coding as it's central element was a coincidence that no one could ignore. Bar-Coding unique codes for all the Boomerang products is part of what assures an authentic transaction, a guaranteed donation and is central to the system" continued Nichols. The top 21 prize winners are here, see what you think and share your thoughts with us at" continued Nichols.

The top 21 prize winners are here, see what you think and share your thoughts with us at

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