Our Partners                                                                                        's goal is to leverage charitable giving while rewarding those who have given to these charities. With the help of our partners we will be able to offer ongoing donations to your charity and special events, exclusive offers and discounts and prizes for you.

Network Partners agree to make donations directly to our Member’s Charitable causes when Members wear their Boomerang products to the Partners locations or purchase their goods or services. Network Partners also offer Boomerang Members special offers or discounts on their goods or services. More local retail partners will be listed soon. The greater our exposure the sooner the national stores will be on board. So tell your friends, wear your clothing, tweet and help get the word out. Soon they will realize that with the system, everybody wins.

Pledge Partners agree to make a donation directly to our charitable causes for each Boomerang product sold.


Current Offer:
Boomerang Members buy a dozen bagels and receive 6 free plus Bagel Emporium donates 25 cents towards your cause!

Please check back for offer start date..

New York 's Finest Bagels!!!

Bagel Emporium supports Boomerang Members at 5 locations in New York.

ChoiceTrade has some of the lowest commissions in the industry. Yet, unlike other firms, we don't skimp on service. You get the trading tools you need, the fast, seamless executions you want and the support you deserve.

Bagel Emporium Locations:

If you'd like to discuss partnering with, please contact us at

Recent counterfeiting undermines charitable donations. eliminates risk and quantifies gifts in a safe, totally secure environment.

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