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*Privacy Policy * FAQ's & *Other Legal Stuff!

The mission of is to get everyone into the game of giving and keep them playing. To have our customers learn about, vote on and pick causes to support and have them help raise awareness of that cause. To have our customers and partners provide financial support to these causes that ends up being over and above their actual cash contributions and to do it in a way that provides something back as well. Unlike in most games we play where for me to win someone else must lose, in the game of life we can all win at the same time. WITH BOOMERANG.ORG WE ARE ALL WINNERS.
When you purchase a product a $10 donation is made towards your cause. Our Partners may then provide opportunities where they will make additional contributions to your cause if you are wearing your Boomerang product. They may also provide opportunities to receive discounts, prizes and/or points. The Boomerang System is designed to encourage members to wear their products. More people wearing products with a causes logo on it and wearing it on a more frequent basis helps to raise awareness of that cause. is a Delaware LLC. The Charitable Foundation is a 501c-3 non profit awaiting final IRS designation. The three initial causes are "Katrina Relief","Support Them Home" and "Global Warning". These are described in greater detail in the causes section of the site. Additional causes will be added periodically. All members can vote on the website to add causes. There are restrictions on the number of times a member can vote in a period of time. Basically, right now a member can vote once per day. Therefore the best way to get to get a cause added is to join and vote often and get as many like minded friends to do the same. While there are many factors we consider in adding a new cause, broad based support is certainly a strong one. Learn more here! Boomerang’s product’s are competitively priced below other "Branded" products. Please remember Boomerang products are all customized and individualized using our unique processes which requires many steps and much labor. A $10 donation is made by Boomerang and our partners with every purchase.

We prefer this large and up front donation to the phrase “a portion of the proceeds”. (The $10 donation could be reduced for individuals who receive free or heavily discounted items. This is shown during the purchase process.)
Unfortunately, because all of our items are personalized and customized, we cannot accept returns. We will accept exchanges within seven days of receipt for sizing issues only. In these cases the same color and cause graphics must be used in the exchange as in the original purchase and the purchaser will be responsible for any shipping charges.
Please email us at to obtain a valid RMA number relating to exchange issues.
Boomerang Tags provide many functions that help protect our members, the causes they support and the Boomerang system. Your Boomerang Tag is made from specialized material and specialized ink through a patent pending process. It is made to be quite durable and washable. As with the garment itself, the gentler it is treated, the longer it will last. If however your Tag becomes unreadable we will be happy to replace it free of charge. Please contact us at, mail us your damaged Tag and we will send you a replacement free of charge. We reserve the right to limit or restrict replacements at our discretion. Please wait three days. Wash and then follow the instructions above. Yes, but becoming a member is easy. Just pick a Username and Password. Done! Because every Boomerang product is personalized we have to know what to put on your Boom Tag and we have to be able to verify that back. Having a membership account also allows you to move up in levels, get reward points, get credited when your evites make purchases, etc. Its free. Pick a username and password and you’re an honorary member of the Boomerang Gang. Or get a Boomerang Product and become a full fledged Level One Member. We don't like getting bombarded with unsolicited solicitations either! Therefore, will not sell or rent your personal information, nor will we provide it to third parties without your consent. In fact, we don't even store your credit card information anywhere and all transactions happen in a secure environment.

We might ask you to provide information that personally identifies you or is otherwise personally identifiable in certain circumstances. sometimes places "cookies" on your computer. A cookie is a small amount of data, often including an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to your computer’s browser from a web site and stored on your hard drive. It helps us more quickly identify your preferences as indicated in previous transactions between and you. However, your browser has modifiable preferences that allow you to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set. In order to protect your privacy, your browser only permits a web site to access cookies it has sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by other sites.
We wish we could but no we're not. Yes your item is barcoded but it only matters if a Boomerang Partner is having a special event and you participate. Then you want us to know so that your cause can receive its proper donation, and that you can receive any prizes or discounts you might be entitled to.

Now about that chip we implanted in your arm while you were sleeping, that's a whole different story.
Right now for ease of record keeping our members will simply be making a purchase. and our partners will then make contributions to the causes that have been selected. Our partners will initially make direct contributions to the selected cause. Eventually, The Charitable Foundation will act as a pass through to receive donations and distribute them to the appropriate organizations. No, as of right now the donations will be made from and our partners. First place the item(s) you want in your cart. When you are ready click “Buy Now” There is a “Change to Gift” Button for each item. If you ordered for that individual before they will be listed in your “Friends and Family”, if not and they are a Boomerang member, look them up if you know their name and email address or just add them as new members.

We are working on a gift certificate program as well.
As stated above, We need to properly personalize the Boom Tag for them, to have them move up in the Boomerang Levels and to be able to reward each member in the Boomerang Gang with the proper points. Right now Shipping is a flat fee for up to 8 Boomerang items or 10lbs. We do our best to keep our customers happy and give them the product they desire. Please allow for some variation between our products and how they appear on the web. Boomerang points can be earned from a variety of activities, such as making a purchase, having a friend make a purchase through our evite system or by attending special Boomerang events.

We anticipate Boomerang points will be redeemed for a variety of items from our corporate partners but for now all we can promise is that Points will be redeemable for discounts on future purchases of Products.
You move up a level in the Boomerang Gang with each Purchase. Your level reflects your commitment for our various causes and because of this we display it proudly on every Boom Tag.

Your level may also entitle you to special prizes, discounts and entry into certain special events.
You can contact us at 914-205-3279
Or write to us at:
PO Box 266
Main Street
Armonk, NY 10504

For order status, please email us at Please Include your order number with your inquiry. MySpace Users interested in earning a future discount can send us a link to your MySpace page showing a picture of yourself wearing any Boomerang product and if we post it you get the discount! email us

For information about becoming a partner with, please email us at

If you feel your organization may qualify for our assistance or would like to tell us about an organization that may, please contact us at
We reserve the right to change any of the terms and conditions of anything mentioned on the website. The Boomerang and causes logos and the entire system is covered by patent and other international intellectual Property filings.

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