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Technology Harnessed to Eliminate Counterfeiting brings the kindness of giving to a whole new level.

Through the use of innovative technology, every product you purchase from us is one-of-a-kind. You can be assured you've purchased an authentic item by its unique-to-you barcode and number. And only authentic Bommerang products have your name printed right on your personalized Boom Tag!

In addition  we will soon be implementing cutting edge technology to increase security and provide even greater benefits to our members.

What's the SECRET TECHNOLOGY we are working on? Send in the correct answer and you'll be entered to win free prizes. ENTER HERE (You must be a registered member of the Boomerang Gang to enter)

Your Personalized Boom Tag on every purchase acts as your private pass to allow you to take advantage of's continuing features: Ongoing donations for your charity with the help of our partners, special events, exclusive offers and discounts and prizes for you.

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