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Design Contest Winners

Congratulations to all the winners! We had so many excellent submissions it was very difficult for us to make our final decisions. Each of our winners is entitled to two free products of their choosing when our site launches. As well we will be rewarding our two first place winning designers by sharing royalties up to $5,000 as products are sold for each cause! Bookmark this page for new contests!

Thank you everyone and please stay in touch as we now have 'Ongoing Design Contests' and we would truly appreciate your support for our causes. As new causes are added to our initiative, each will need great graphic representation. We need images to translate easily to print and embroidery so please keep that in mind when designing. The graphic should also be flexible enough to be presented in many different single color variations so all are free to customize!

These are the winners for "Support Them Home"

"Katrina Relief" Winners



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